26 March 2012

root beer anyone?

Been a while since I drank root beer. I remember A&W days which was like 10 years ago. That was the year I'd go nuts over root beer float. (and I mean real vanilla ice cream on top of ice cold root beer!)

A little history.... Root beer is a carbonated, sweetened beverage, originally made using the root of a sassafras plant (or the bark of a sassafras tree) as the primary flavor. Root beer, popularized in North America, comes in two forms: alcoholic and soft drink. The historical root beer was analogous tosmall beer in that the process provided a drink with a very low alcohol content. Although roots are used as the source of many soft drinks in many countries throughout the world (and even alcoholic beverages/beers), the name root beer is rarely used outside North America and the Philippines.[citation needed] Most other countries have their own indigenous versions of root-based beverages and small beers but with different names.[citation needed]

02 March 2012

Rescue me

...who will bring me
     to the fortress
          or lead me to Edom?
  Have you rejected me?
  You don't lead my army.
     Help me defeat my enemies!
            No one else can rescue me.
   You are the one
                        who gives me victory
               and crushes my enemies...

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