27 February 2012

Modeling Career?

Haha. Sorry. I don't love myself so much...
This was taken at Edsa Shangri-La Mall. A friend challenged me to pose at the Bench store and he dared the wrong person; I'm crazy enough to to what I'm asked of. Kapal ng muka ang tawag dyan. Haha. Besides,  with a big belly like mine, I have no plans of getting into modelling.

playing with the camera

A few months ago, I thought of the idea of taking pictures everywhere I went. So I bought the standard 14MP camera (not the ones with the detachable zoom and all.... just plain ordinary... plain.... ordinary) and started shooting. I'm not a pro and I would love someone to teach me photography. Here are some shots I took. In case you'd like to use my pictures, please make sure you add me to the credits :D

 This one is a Panorama Shot. Had my cousin target one of those cans. She honestly doesn't know I took this picture. It was more of a candid shot and it came out beautifully.

I like how black and whites look. There's a certain elegance added to it. I'm still trying to practice with this kind of shot and hopefully I master it.

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